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Department trying to quash Mueller team

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# 11.07.2019 - 10:06:15

Members of Congress should lay out this timeline clearly on July 17, and ask tough questions of Mueller: Why did you ignore the law of campaign coordination, which Online Cigarettes Store USA was clearly established by Congress and the FEC, and thoroughly upheld in broad terms by the Supreme Court? Did your failure to identify the correct legal standard limit your investigation of Manafort, Gates, Stone, and Trump? If you knew of these rules, why did you fail to identify this coordination as illegal once you found it?

Mueller’s failures and omissions have another round of dangerous cause-and-effect. He is opening the loophole that Congress was purposely trying to avoid, and he is telling all the 2020 campaigns that these rules will not be enforced. Now Trump and his aides seem to think they have legal permission to openly do all of it again. Rudy Giuliani flagrantly tested these coordination rules in his political contacts with Ukraine officials. Given Mueller’s failure and Trump’s exploitation of that failure, it is now Congress’s duty to the public, the candidates under investigation, and future candidates to identify the law clearly, and to explain that some Newport Pleasure of this behavior was a civil violation, and in fact a criminal violation.
The day after Viloria-Paulino’s body was discovered, officials arrested Borges. He was charged with one count of first-degree murder with premeditation and extreme cruelty and atrocity.

Authorities alleged that Borges was jealous of Viloria-Paulino, who had started dating Borges’ ex-girlfriend.

But Borges’ defense claimed during the trial there was no physical evidence linking him to the killing, and that their client was innocent.

“We’re disappointed in the verdict,” defense attorney Edward Hayden told PEOPLE in May. “He got a fair trial. The prosecutors worked hard. The jury worked hard. We just disagreed with the verdict.”

Borges did not make a statement after his sentencing, but his attorney Newport 100s Box spoke to NBC News, saying that the teen now “has a chance at turning his life around.”

“This vicious murder claimed more than just Lee Paulino’s life,” Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said in a statement Tuesday. “Its brutality was shocking to the community and tore at our sense of decency and humanity.”

“There is no number of years that can restore this family’s loss,” Blodgett continued. “It is my hope that they can now find some peace,”

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