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Sunxuemei Catpiss is a strain of good weed and purple bud is good marijuana. Therefore, if the catpiss is purple it's great weed.And only particular kinds will turn purple. These are good strains even if they are not colored purple and often still have"purple" in the name.Yeah no, I attempted making a consideration and thought to myself"do I really wanna contend with people who put the tin foil at the grocery store from stock"

Depends. If someone is completely wrong I'd attempt to correct them. Needed to give gold.I only fallow youtubers who like and a game I really like and seldom open my twitter

It's a complete shithole and that is what makes it oh so enjoyable.Even if they fully admit they are racist. How does a person from a minority think they'll wind up better off at a segregated society?Black Panther is utopic in numerous levels. It tells a story of some people who had access to significant resources and chose hoarding them. An IRL example would be Saudi Arabia using their oil.Yeah it is sort of a weird shoot. Wakanda has been an ethno country that hid its abundance partially to avoid being bothered by other nations.

Has a king, retains their innovative tech to themselves, racially homogeneous. Sounds like an auth right dream.I can kinda understand the tech item. Everything I know about both humankind and history informs me that with this technology, 90 percent of the planet would've immediately made weapons with it, and subsequently blown us all to hell.Actually, the technology doesn't make any sense to me. Wakanda consists just of a comparatively small, isolated population. Where did they get the scientific input to develop technologies that is so advanced it's considered sci-fi?

I could understand if they had been at par or slightly advanced to the rest of the world, because they got spies from the outside world and have vibranium as an advanced technological material, but not like 200 decades of scientific progress beforehand. Force areas, anti-grav (?) Airships, a stealth shield to conceal a whole country from it...

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