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stock down after Giants third preseason

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Rookie report: Stock up , The third week of the preseason is when the starters take over and play the most. That was a mixed bag for New York Giants’ rookies against the New York Jets. Some got their roles expanded, but others saw a serious shortage of time spent on the field. Of course, the top rookie, Saquon Barkley, did not take the field while resting a hamstring injury.For this week’s rookie report, we’ll go over play from the Jets game and also check in on how these rookies are trending three quarters of the way through the preseason.Will Hernandez, OL34 offensive snaps (50 percent)This won’t be able to be said about any other first-team offensive lineman, but Will Hernandez was good against the Jets. Hernandez stood out by not standing out on a line that routinely missed blocks and allowed the Jets to make plays in the backfield. He did have one holding call against him in the second quarter, but his positives outweighed that penalty.Here’s a play from the first quarter where Wayne Gallman gets hit from three different angles at the line, but Hernandez is still pushing his guy back at the end of the play.On the second offensive play of the game, Hernandez picked up Leonard Williams one-on-one pass blocking. That’s not an easy feat, especially for a rookie offensive lineman. He also pushed Williams to the side on Eli Manning’s 30-yard pass to Sterling Shepard in the second quarter.Preseason Stock: UpHernandez came into came as the favorite to be the starter at left guard and he’s earned that role since the first practice. His first preseason game was a little up and down, but Hernandez has been among the most consistent Giants through three games. There’s some cause for concern across parts of the offensive line, but left guard is not one of them.B.J. Hill, DL20 defensive snaps (33 percent)Hill again played with the first-team defense and we got a glimpse of what a defensive line rotation might look like during the regular season. Hill will play on the end in a three-man line, can kick inside when a fourth lineman is added, and he’ll also be subbed out for the likes of Kerry Wynn or when the Giants go with Damon Harrison and Dalvin Tomlinson in the middle.It’s not always easy for an interior defensive lineman to make an impact on a play-to-play basis, but Hill has been able to make flash plays whenever he’s been on the field. His biggest play against the Jets was a deflected pass on a third-and-9 that was inches away from a Kerry Wynn interception.Preseason stock: UpWhile Hernandez was given the starter treatment from Day 1, Hill impressed his way through practices to grab that spot. He was treated as a star starter early in the preseason with the Giants cautiously monitoring his playing time. There’s no doubt Hill will be a big part of the Giants’ plan along the defensive line when the season starts.Lorenzo Carter, LB27 defensive snaps (45 percent)During the regular season, the Giants want to use more rotation on defense instead of leaving the pass rushers out on the field for 90 percent of the teams snaps. If the Giants wanted to work through that rotation, they could have done that against the Jets but they mostly kept the first and second teams separate.Carter still struggles to get off blocks one-on-one, something that should develop with more time. There can also be a disconnect between his athleticism and his instincts. On this play in the third quarter, Carter was unblocked on the backside and cautiously made his way over to the play. It didn’t matter much because Michael Thomas was there to drop the back for a loss, but there’s a line between holding down the backside and going for the killshot. Someone with Carter’s athleticism should have the ability to be more aggressive in this situation.His best play of the night came early in the fourth quarter when he looped around from the right side of the defense to help get an assist on a Josh Mauro-led sack of Teddy Bridgewater.Preseason stock: SolidCarter wasn’t expected to come in and blow everyone away. His need for some development between his college role and the pro game was known. He’s taken steps and there’s still some things he needs to work on before he pushes into the starting conversation. It will help when the regular season starts and the linebackers get rotated more frequently. For now, he’s about what was expected Womens Odell Beckham Jr Jersey , which is a fine depth piece on a defense that needs it.Kyle Lauletta, QB10 offensive snaps (15 percent)Kyle Lauletta has an elite handoff to the running back. If you wanted to get anything more out of his work against the Jets, I’m not sure what to tell you. Lauletta came in the game with just over 10 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter and threw two passes in that time. One was completed for a yard.Preseason stock: Has to be down, right?After the first preseason game, there was talk the backup quarterback role was wide open and Lauletta had the opportunity to sneak past Davis Webb on the depth chart. Since then, Lauletta has thrown seven passes over the past two preseason games. Maybe the coaches really want to make sure Webb is ready in case something happens to Eli and he needs to take all those reps, but it makes little sense to not allow Lauletta to throw a few more passes than he’s gotten over the past two weeks.Grant Haley, CB7 defensive snaps (12 percent)The return of Donte Deayon to the lineup came at the expense of Haley’s playing time. Last week against Detroit, no defensive player was on the field longer than Haley. This week only two defenders played less.Haley’s lone play was a “tackle” when he came off his receiver downfield and forced Andre Roberts out of bounds after a 24-yard pass after a blown coverage from Chris Lewis-Harris.Preseason stock: ConfusingIn a game where the starters got the most snaps, Haley’s playing time greatly diminished. Maybe that’s more because the coaches wanted to get Deayon all the snaps he’s missed — Deayon played 28 snaps — but if the coaches still wanted Haley out on the field, he could have taken playing time away from any of the other cornerbacks who played over him Friday night.Pat Shurmur explains LB Armstrong’s promotion, talks about QBs Bridgewater, Darnold When the New York Giants returned to practice Sunday afternoon, it was with the intention of addressing problems that cropped up in their game against the Detroit Lions, as well as preparing to play the New York Jets. When he spoke to the media after practice, Pat Shurmur was clearly in a good mood following his first victory as the Giants’ head coach. He opened his press conference by joking with the assembled reporters. “Training camp. Just one injury – Ralph Vacchiano, lower leg injury, he’s day to day,” Shurmur said to laughter. “I actually fined him this morning for missing treatment. His agent wants to fight it, but we’ll just call it a lower leg injury.”Joking aside, Shurmur confirmed that not only would the team actively game-plan for the Jets on Friday night, but they have started looking ahead to their Opening Week game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. With his opening remarks out of the way, Shurmur took questions.On Ray-Ray Armstrong It was noted during the Giants’ practice Sunday afternoon that linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong had worked his way up the depth chart to play with the starters in one of their nickel packages. “As a linebacker, he’s long and he can cover,” Shurmur said of Armstrong. “He’s what linebackers should look like and he’s made progress. We feel like he’s done some really good things as we work through training camp, so it was good to see him have some success.” Shurmur hinted that Armstrong coming up with the interception on the tip-drill might have played a role in his move up the depth chart.“We felt like he had a winning performance in the game the other night Womens Janoris Jenkins Jersey , and every once in a while everybody has a bad play, but in total we felt like it was a winning performance and that was a game-changing play. We were able to intercept the ball, get it close and then offensively, we then punched it in, so it was good.”The Giants are likely hoping that Armstrong’s athleticism and background as a (big) safety at the University of Miami will help their coverage in the middle of the field in nickel situations. Shurmur said that Armstrong’s blend of size and athleticism is what they are looking for in a linebacker” “Certainly this is a big man’s game,” Shurmur said, “and so the bigger you are, as long as you can run and you’re athletic like he is, it’s good. It’s what we’re looking for. Hard to throw the ball around because he’s taller, but he can run and cover, and he’s done a good job with his run fits as well.”On Teddy Bridgewater and Sam DarnoldThe Giants’ head coach has a fair amount of familiarity with two of the quarterbacks for whom he will be game-planning. Shurmur coached Teddy Bridgewater as a Minnesota Viking, first as his quarterbacks coach, then as the offensive coordinator. “Teddy is an outstanding, competitive guy and he’s got a unique charisma,” Shurmur said. “When I was there with him, the whole area loved Teddy. He just had that way about him, and then when he got injured everyone was pulling for him to come back. I’m thrilled for whatever success he’s having. I did peak at their game and it appears to me like he’s playing pretty well. The only thing I would say is don’t sleep on Teddy because I think he’s got it in him.”The Giants also heavily scouted rookie quarterback Sam Darnold in the lead-up to the 2018 NFL Draft. They ultimately passed on Darnold, opting instead for running back Saquon Barkley. That decision will be litigated and re-litigated again and again over the coming week, months, and years. Asked about his take on Darnold as a quarterback, Shurmur said, “He had some of the same traits that Teddy has. Very charismatic, he has that winning presence about him and you can see being with him on campus at USC that the players really kind of came to him. He had that, and he was obviously highly successful as a quarterback.”
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