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Coconut shells of West Africa Tall

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Effect of the concentration of inherent mineral elements on the adsorption capacity of coconut shell-based activated carbons
[url=]yongruida coconut activated carbon[/url]Coconut shells of West Africa Tall, a local variety of the coconut species Cocos nucifera L., were taken from five different geographical locations in Ghana and examined for the presence and concentration levels of some selected mineral elements using atomic absorption spectrometer. Activated carbons were subsequently made from the shells by the physical method. The iodine adsorption characteristics of the activated carbons measured showed a definite relationship to the concentration levels of potassium and other mineral elements in the precursor shell. Samples with lower total minerals content recorded higher iodine numbers. It was observed that the origin of the shells was related to the concentration levels of the analyzed mineral elements in the shells, which in turn affected the adsorption capacity of the activated carbons.
[url=]bulk activated carbon suppliers[/url]The results of this study have important implications for the sourcing of coconuts whose shells are used in the manufacture of activated carbons.